Jagannath Therapy Center

Experience Happiness 

Adriana Garcia

I would like to share with you that I have known Karuna for few years now, and during my struggles I was able to have some counseling and healing with her; it was very helpful and I felt supported and cared for.

Her sessions really helped me to walk true life in a more easy and calm way, I felt that someone was there for me when I most needed it.  And I did not felt judge and also I felt she was very confidential so I could just open my heart to her.

Whenever I went to see her I did not want to leave her office because I was feeling so peaceful!

I recommend her to many others and those friends were very grateful that they meet her and they were impressed by her knowledge also with astrology and numerology.

Karuna is not only good in what she does but she is also a good human being, always with a smile in her face and willing to hear whatever I had to say.

Ashley Stone, Australia

Karuna has been gifted with the ability to heal in a deep and complex method, of which the effects are immediate and last beyond space and time. I love when she guides me to think about what is new and what is different after the session, as the differences carry on for months and months! Her intuition and abilities are like none other that I've experienced (and I have met  lot of healers!) She speaks through the Vedic Sastra, making her offerings truthful and complete. Her warm and loving nature creates a personal approach in her methods, and I always feel as though I can reveal my heart in full. I am so grateful that when I return to Mayapur I can see Karuna again and again.

Cathysa Szarka, Spain

Karuna is a very rare gem, meeting her has been one of the best things that's happened to me. She is  someone that can actually make a difference, she really gets to the root of a problem and transforms it into something beautiful.

Karuna, Thank you so much for the change you have helped me achieve.

Balaram Priya Brocker, France

I would like to share my experience with Karuna. She is a very wonderful healer, and helped me to make major positive changes in my life. One very important thing is that she did not only help, but also gave me the tools so that I can help myself on daily basis. 

Before each session she explains nicely about what she is going to do, and she always listens to see if she can help more. I like Karuna because of her confidentiality and professionalism, but she is also very kind and understanding. She knows how to spark the magic in everyone who comes in contact with her. I feel very grateful to have met her at the right time in my life. Thank you so much Karuna.

Kiran Sabreena Baldewsing, The Netherlands

Karuna honors her name to the fullest extent for she is truly a deeply caring and compassionate personality whom has been blessed with the ability to uplift everyone whom comes in contact with her through the services she provides. She is highly professional and skilled yet has the simple heart of a genuine lover of God. She has been a great asset to both my emotional well being as well as my spiritual progress. Karuna is wise yet practical and operates on a heart to heart level. She is a gem amongst us all and her services leave a great impact on our consciousness. I feel indebted to her and wish everyone to reap the fruits from her association as a counselor, healer and as a friend.

Angela Clifton, South Africa

A couple of years ago I went to see Karuna mataji as I had lost hope in doctors of all types to help me with my “illness”. I was at my last straw and to be honest I had no hope and just thought to see her out of duty, to try and get to the bottom of my problem. I had nothing to lose, so let me try.
I was skeptical and thought to myself that it was nice to talk out my feelings. But I didn’t really take seriously what she said. But still something inside of me urged me to try and Karuna mataji was so sweet and sincere, I thought I should at least make an endeavor to follow the practices she told me.
I had to travel overseas and along the journey I felt awful and like I was on downward spiral. I started to become anxious and then I whole heartedly put my mind to what Karuna mataji had been trying to teach me. She has a lot of insight and knowledge. I trusted what she said for the first time and everything started to fall into place. I was listening to the needs of the body and I was learning the ways of releasing fears and anxieties. This was the first step on my journey of healing the body mind and soul. I am eternally grateful to Karuna mataji. I urge others to not give up hope and to have faith.

I thank her with all my heart.