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Rebirthing, the wonderful healing power of conscious breathing

Breathing in awareness, find your home true breathing


“Be aware of your breathing.

Notice how this takes attention away

from your thinking and

creates space.”

The " Rebirthing " has evolved at a breathtaking pace since the discovery of Leonard Orr in the year 1967.

Whatever we search outside ourselves, love – peace - harmony – security – acceptance - connectivity etc. - has always been within us. Conscious breathing can bring those memories into our consciousness again. With other words over the respiratory system you get in contact with all the aspects of your being. This leads to self-love and self-acceptance.

„Rebirthing“ is also called „integrative breath therapy”, “connected breathing” or “Breathwork”. It is a special breathing technique, conscious circle breathing. This connected breathing brings access to old memories. Therefore “Rebirthing” is also a form of dealing or reconciling with the past. This means it brings patterns into heightens awareness and resolves them over the breathing. The LETTING GO through breathing brings about change and healing.

Breathing is the most important vital functions of the human body. Breath is life.

The conscious, connected breathing allows you to dive into the depths and into the immensity of your unique self, because the breath is the bridge between the outside world and inner world as well as the conscious and the unconscious.

Further advantages of this Therapy are healing of hurt feelings, fears, habits as well patterns of thought and belief that do not suit our life any more. One gains so a new understanding of the relationship of birth and death.

“Rebirthing” brings also expanded awareness on all levels: physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. Thereby you perceive, recognize and understand yourself better and better. Some of the possible results in this regard are vitality, joy, deep relaxation and ease.

“Breathe in unconditional love,

breathe out experience and

enjoy that familiarity.”


This service is being organized in single and group sessions.

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