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Quantum Transformations

Quantum Transformation, the shift of consciousness


Expand, transform and transcend consciousness

Ideas, assumptions, which a person holds for true, influence his behaviour. If we have strong fears and insecurities, tendencies or thought patterns determine our perception. Our perception is so single minded by our expectation. The actual perception first arises in us. It is actively changed by expectations and experiences. Further this means our reality is created by our perception. Quantum Transformation is changing our currently perceived reality.


„If the doors of perception were

cleansed every thing would

appear to man as it is, infinite.”

William Blake

Quantum Transformation is spectacular and absolutely fascinating. Everyone has their own blueprint, their own field of information, the so-called Matrix. This matrix enables us to establish the state we were supposed to be in, our original matrix, returning to our original blueprint of our life. During Quantum Transformation the field of information is being changed. So we rewrite reality and dreams become reality.

Quantum Transformation is a healing-, self-healing- or transformation-technology, which nowadays in our fast-paced, modern time also has different designations like such as Quantum Healing, Quantum Creativity, Matrix Energetics or Quantum Tao. A consciousness technology, rooted in the science and art of transformation.

This holographic approach is based on quantum physics, where a matrix first of all is a field of calculations. Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck (23.04.1858 – 04.10.1947) was an important German physicist, known as the founder of quantum physics. Planck has detected and proved that we influence with the power of thoughts and emotions our reality, consciously or unconsciously.

Quantum Transformation allows to step-in outside of time and space, tap into natural self healing powers. As a result consciousness shifts, this is leading to letting go of patterns, beliefs and behaviours which are not useful any more to us. Therefore we are able to move beyond judgement into a new reality. In other words what doesn’t work perfectly can be reorganized. In that new vibrational state we notice extraordinary results on all levels like mental, emotional, physical, social, spiritual, relational and financial. It is a system that serves as a medium for personal and global transformation- It’s a playground for miracles and has no limits of what can be transformed.

Quantum Transformation works surprisingly fast is fun and joyful. Effects are immediate and everybody can learn it. It can be integrated in every sphere of life, changes perception and therefore leading to the expansion of your consciousness. From lack- into wealth consciousness.

Are you ready to set new goals and visions?

Quantum Transformation is offered in single-, distant sessions and group trainings.


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