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What lies before us and what lies behind us

are small matters compared to

what lies within us.

And when we bring what is within

out into the world,

miracles happen.


Henry David Thoreau

In this lifetime you have taken birth to get new realizations, and you wanted to experience life on different levels: emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually as well. Before taking birth in this body, the soul already consciously decided where she likes to progress. Also who she will love, what she wants to realize and how she will serve as well what to learn. The way of self-realization is very personal and individual.

Since time immemorial observers of human nature are searching to understand human personality. We all share a common drive for meaning, direction and purpose.

Numerous tools of insights from both psychological and mystical traditions have emerged and been used at different time and in different cultures.

Numerology discloses how to discover the life you were born to life. Further Numerology is a wonderful universal tool for self discovery. Practical, transforming and integrating.

Numerology is thousands of years old, finds its origin in Greece and India. Under Numerology also called numerical symbolism and mysticism of numbers, one refers to the assignment to individual numbers or combinations of numbers, where the numbers get a symbolic function which goes beyond their mathematical meaning.

My source in the system of analysis with numbers lies in the heritage of Pythagoras and my teacher Christine Bengel. Pythagoras taught: “The number is the essence of all things”. In reading the numbers there are many different calculations methods for examination.

Numbers bear meaningful information. All the numbers from 0-9 have different aspects and qualities. Every second of our lives we can choose which direction we like to go and which qualities of the numbers we would like to live. This means: “we can create your own life”.

Numbers are neutral, non judgemental and incorruptible. They show the diversity of life, simply wonderful and enriching ones individual existence. Numbers provide insights with numeric precision, illuminating a person’s characteristics and purpose of life, so a mirror of our selves.

In addition each life is subject to its own number rhythm, were identifying patterns or repeating themes are apparent.

The numerology is solution-oriented and shows talents, skills and development opportunities. It can also reveal new opportunities for personal and professional lives. Therefore it gives us security and calmness.

Numerology answers the following questions:

• Who am I?

• What can/ should I do?

• Why am I here?

• What can / should I learn?

• How do I change my life?

Numerological advice for:

  • How can we recognize and fulfil our life purpose, path of life?

  • Realize your talents and abilities

  • Would you like to attain your higher calling of just doing a job?

  • Decisions in day to day life

  • Support in all areas of life

  • and much more whatever emerges into the room


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