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Mayapur, a charming small village on the banks of the Ganges, which is merging on the south side with the River Jalangi. Located near Nabadwip, 130 km north of Kolkata. The magical, multicultural pearl in West Bengal is known for its historical, philosophical wealth.


Adorned with many small and larger temples, buildings as well as mosques, which are colorfully painted. Each one has its own special characteristics. The bright dressed people from different places in India and around the world contribute to the diversity of this region.


Hundreds of recipes sweet, sour, spicy and bitter, with vegetables, fruits, nuts and berries from the region round off the culinary experience. Situated between those two rivers, we have the opportunity to hike, bike, do boat trips, swim or just sit comfortably and let the mood of the streets and squares sink in.

Buffalo carts and the newest Toyota or Mercedes intersect, when we already hear from far the loud honking of horns from the local buses. The people here are simple, happy, open and tolerant.


From all walks of life thrown together, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, poor and rich coexist in homogeneous symbiosis. Mayapur is an experience that shapes the life.