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Sri Sri Kanai Balai Restaurant

Delicious– nutritious - affordable


Located within the heart of the sacred land of Mayapur, Sri Sri Kanai Balai Restaurant offers you a delightful dining experience in a homely atmosphere.

Your hosts Karuna and Dina's emphasis is on a truly social experience, that extends beyond the fantastic shared dining menu into the relaxed, warm environment of the venue itself.

Karuna has devoted herself to preparing each dish with meticulous care, using only the freshest ingredients. Her aim is to make delicious, nutritious food affordable to all.

The menu is made primarily of locally sourced and organic ingredients. The abundance of local farms gives her access to to the freshest ingredients year around.

The pure vegetarian menu is a showcase of time tested Indian dishes. Each piece is created with the intention of capturing not only an abundance of fragrant flavors, but the heart and soul of Karuna's passion for good food. 


Set Thali @ Rs 200 only (donation) for our special 7 item splayed mouth watering dishes. These include:

  • fluffy white rice

  • a wholesome dhal

  • two fragrantly flavored sabjis

  • an addictive chutney or creamy raita (if seasonal salad)

  • hot puffy chapatis or puris

  • and last but not least a wonderful sweet* to leave you satisfied and smiling

* More than one sweet can be served on request with a small extra charge.


We are open to serve you a delightful lunch from :

Monday to Friday

Time:1 PM

Reservation: until 7 PM the day before

Please call us at +91 904 675 33 09 for further details & bookings!