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Family Constellation

Make visible, what acts hidden

and for this find a solution

knowledge – experience – and growth at the same time

Bert Hellinger is the founder and developer of Family Constellation. According to Hellinger family Constellation it is neither a craft nor a method. It is a way, a transition to another place, a different level of consciousness.

There is a special dynamic at work in family systems. The family is the root of our existence, a system with which we stay connected over generations, subconsciously. If a family member or a destiny doesn't receive recognition, is repressed or forgotten, another family member later on will follow in his or her destiny. This can affect later born siblings, partners, or children.

We often see that children identify with the destiny of parents, or relatives from the parents- grandparent generations. This leads to unintentional behaviour patterns, diseases, relationship problems or psychological stress also.

In a Constellation it is about getting a different perspective on what, my life and my behaviour characterizes in certain situations forming out of the unconscious. Questions like what is it that makes me sad, sick, fearful, unsuccessful, excited, unrelated, death bravely etc.? Why I do certain things? In a constellation those “aha” experiences bring deep transformation processes along. Awareness is the key to change.

Constellations take place in varies of forms: family-, professional-, organizational-, and figure-/object Constellations. This is only a selection of the best known names. There are countless other models in the Constellation work as to tape the organ- and trauma Constellation.

True years of experience and further education Karuna Müller developed the numerological Constellation, our personal number family in their on system. Her passion for Numerology resulted therefore to shift her attention as a main focus in “numerological Constellations”. By Constellations with numbers of an individual date of birth it becomes visible, what relationship the numbers mutually have to each other. That awareness brings us into contact with our “true authentic self”. The order and disorder of the numbers is brought into harmony. Perceiving the self provides greater clarity and understanding at all levels. The feeling of longing for belonging shifts to self-love, self-honor, self-respect, self-appreciation, self-value and self-acknowledgment, so to speak to your “true authentic self”.

The progression in a numerological Constellation in a group is lovingly guided by a Facilitator / Constellator. For the Constellation is needed empathy and personal maturity. The client which one likes to constellate his date of birth, chooses for each number a Representative from the group. Now the observant Constellator is idealistically free of intention, desire and fear. With a humble and open mind one is ready for whatever will be revealed. This sacred circle shows the most inner reality and true nature of the energy aspects of the numbers at each given moment. One recognizes what is. Respectful and mindful one is attentive. Therefore with faith and devotion opens the knowing- or cosmic field. This follows the movement of the soul.

To explain numerological constellation is complex, it is best if you experience it yourself.


We offer group- and individual numerological Constellations.

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