Jagannath Therapy Center

Experience Happiness 

Karuna Mueller

From an early age Karuna has been interested in holistic therapy forms and spiritual life. Her professional training as an assistant medical practitioner gave her a solid foundation for further steps towards her vocation and passion.

At the age of twenty-three, she traveled to India and expanded her knowledge of material and spiritual life, leading her to exploring various topics in depth at a mystical school. After twelve years in India, and a heart full of love for humanity, Karuna is constantly provided with many new experiences.

She studied further towards her aim to become a therapist, with the underlying desire to help and support. Six years ago, she moved back to Mayapur, West Bengal, India. Karuna's customers are international. She loves her work as therapist and transformer by accompanying people on their individual and personal paths of life. A significant aspect of the consultation is her non judgmental approach for each situation. All holistic therapy-forms she offers have the same foundation: raise attention for becoming conscious and realizing the Self.

Karuna is a firm believer in ethical duty and confidentiality, which she naturally gives, as a means of providing all her clients with complete safety and privacy. While approaching matters, based on personality and charisma, she is well in listening, understanding and treats with empathy and compassion.

dina Baur

In his childhood Dina got introduced to the world of subtle experiences by his grandfather. Questions like,"who am I," and "where will I go," have accompanied him since then.

Adventure, thirst for knowledge and studies have always accompanied him on many trips on all continents. 
Different people and cultures led him to a holistic view of our world. As an experienced teacher, he offers training, 
which he enriches with heart, humor and common sense.

Years of stay in India and diverse, therapeutic courses have expanded its sphere.

Karuna and dina

In 2007 Karuna and Dina decided to combine their individual therapeutic practices. Supporting and supplementing each other, they lead the Jagannath Therapy Center together with lots of fun and joy.


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